Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life Transitions

Are you making a life transition or contemplating one? Life transitions - getting married, deciding to have children, changing your career, getting a divorce, retirement - can be scary, anxiety-producing, and full of overwhelming decisions. One's ability to successfully navigate life transitions can be disrupted by fears, what-if thinking, and cognitive distortions that can keep one stuck in indecision. When working with individuals, couples and families who are facing such significant transitions, I will help you identify rational vs. irrational fears, alter what-if thinking, and work through any cognitive distortions in thinking so that you and your loved ones can successfully navigate the transition with balanced thinking and relative peace of mind. Life transitions can also signify the ending of a phase of life or relationship, and great care must be taken in the area of grief and loss. Therapy can be tremendously helpful at such times in processing through the loss, gently moving from a place of grief to a place of acceptance, being able to heal from any hurt and/or resentment, and, eventually, being able to transition into the next phase of life.

Life transitions can sometimes be exciting and positive, and sometimes painful and difficult. If you or someone you know is contemplating a life transition, or is feeling stuck in indecision, reaching out for help will be a positive first step.

Debbie Tessmer-Wagner, MA, LMFT

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